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girl!spencer brendon
 I felt the need to write this, because over the past months - okay, the past years - this man has caught a hell of a lot of flak in the industry and the press for a whole damn range of things, and I really think that people need to wake up. Don't bitch at me for this; it's probably going to ruffle some fur, and it's kind of stupid that I'm claiming he is but I don't care, I think that this needs to be said.

From Rolling Stone Magazine, September 2009: by reporter Leah Major.
Today has been a sad day for rock music. Perhaps, as Patrick Stump, recently bereaved vocalist of the now dissolved superband Fall Out Boy said today at the graveside of the 'bravest man in rock', this day proves once and for all that the human race has not moved forward, will never move forward, since the days of pointless warring that defined last century's days of shame.
"Pete was a best friend, a husband, a father, an idol, a visionary. Nobody else, in today's materialistic world, was brave enough to do what he did. Today we bury the bravest man in rock, and today is the end of an era that I honestly thought - we all thought - might be the end of this unending fight, this stupid fucking bickering, between the kids who think they're cool and the ones who know they're not. Pete died for the kids he loved, he died for the music he treasured, he died for no fucking reason other than that some bastard thought what he did was wrong. Today I'm saying goodbye to the best friend I ever had - my fucking brother. My brother, Peter Lweis Kingston Wentz the Third, the only genuinely good and pure person the press ever got the chance to fuck with. Today we're all satying goodbye to Pete." Stump said, biting back tears, to the assembled crowd. This was the private ceremony; I was the only journalist invited, because Patrick knew that Fall Out Boy's fanbase deserved to know how the day went; Pete belonged to them as much as they belonged to Pete.
Pete's musical proteges took the stage humbly, dressed all in black for what was, despite what the press may say about them being 'emos', perhaps the first time in many years. Brendon Urie, Gabe Saporta, William Beckett, Patrick Stump and Travis McCoy sang an acoustic version of Hum Hallelujah,  none able to keep the catch from their voices as the lid of Pete Wentz' coffin closed and his body was lowered into the ground. The crowd was silent, and certainly many attendees were still in shock; a week ago, Pete Wentz was his usual smiling, sure and happy self, on the stage, proclaiming the political message he felt responsible to deliver to the fans he loved. Most of the people here were on that final tour. Ashlee Simpson, Wentz' wife, and their son Bronx, just over a year old, stood with Stump, silent and pale throughout the entire ordeal. Many members of bands influenced by Pete and his bravery spoke, and to say it was a compelling speech was an understatement.
"How do I feel? I feel cheated. Pete was so young, so alive, so full of energy. He was smiling, he was laughing, he was missing his wife and his son all tour. And now - now he's been taken away, long before he was finished with this world. It's unfair to Pete, but it's worse than unfair to his son, who will never be able to grow up with a father now; to the band, who have lost their best friend in the world, to all of us, who have lost our mentor and friend; god knows, maybe most of all this is unfair to the kids who've supported everything he has done, who've felt able to accept themselves because of his words, who have found light in the darkest times of their lives thanks to Pete. I feel like... like I've lost the best father figure I ever had. Pete being gone is... is like... I can't, I'm sorry-" Brendon Urie's speech was cut short as the young singer of Pete's 'pet' band Panic! At The Disco was overcome by tears, to rush from the stage into the consoling arms of Ryan Ross, his band's ex-guitarist, the two having been recently reunited by their close friend and mentor's death. It should be mentioned that there has been shocked silence on the fanfiction forums since Pete was murdered - it seems there is newfound respect for the musicians on this particular scene amongst the teenage girls of the world, now that Wentz is gone.
Urie is exactly right, I feel. The world has been cheated of one of the greatest musicians we have seen in a very long time, but much more than that. The tabloids exploded the day Pete Wentz was assassinated in his LA bar, Angels & Kings, during a party after the final show of the Blink-182 tour, but what they failed to point out was what a loss he really is. Blink were present also, bassist Mark Hoppus, a close friend over the past year, too overcome to even attempt to speak. It seems hideously ironic, that Fall Out Boy's final headlining tour was named 'Believers Never Die'. I guess we can only hope that Pete believed - but we know that he did; he believed in his band, his friends, his wife and son, with a wholehearted love and kindness that was extremely difficult to find in any other member of the music scene in 2009. I hope that the paparazzi can leave him alone now, at last; I hope desperately that the world can have a chance to remember Pete as the good person that he was.
From his appearance on the cover of controversial gay rights magazine Out, to his work with charity organisation Invisible Children, whose mission statement is to free the child soldiers in war stricken Uganda, Pete Wentz has been one of the greatest forces behind human rights the world has known this century. And yet, the thanks he got? An anti-homosexuality insurgent shot him dead in his own bar, at a party with his best friends, who had to witness their best friend die. In the end, it seems, the hate prevailed.
"Patrick called me at about one in the morning, he was a mess. He couldn't even say the words, he was so choked up and horrified. I knew something terrible must have happened from the moment I picked up the phone; I could feel it." William Beckett, frontman of The Academy Is..., the band that prompted Wentz to start his side label Decaydance Records. "But Jesus Christ, when I heard him say... oh, god... heard him say that Pete'd been shot... I crumpled up. Fell to the floor, I was just so- so shocked. Pete was so alive. He was the best person... I owe everything in my life to him - if it weren't for him, I don't even know... I'd probably be working at a McDonald's right now. Pete Wentz is the reason that my life is good. And now... now he's gone." 
Gabe Saporta, lead singer of Cobra Starship, another band on Decaydance, refuses to release a statement concerning 'Pete Wentz Is The Only Reason We're Famous', a track off their new album Hot Mess, but today as the band got up to speak, he informed the crowd that it will be their next single, the video a comemoration of the rock legend's short life. "For Pete." his keytarist, Victoria Asher (a.k.a. Vicky T) said simply, before leaving the stage. "This is for Pete."
Bassist of My Chemical Romance, Mikey Way, was a surprise addition to the guest list. He got up quietly after Vicky T had left, and took the stage, surveying the crowd solemnly. "I've known Pete since both our bands were playing basements to crowds of three and four people. He's been one of my best friends since 2005, when we were both going through really difficult times because of our bi polar. He was always there for me, and I... I am so grateful to him. He didn't deserve this. He was so brave. I... I just wanted to say, thanks Pete, you... you might be the best friend I ever had. I- thank you." he said, before ducking back to his seat at the back of the assembly. 
Truly, there were not many people in the world who could have had such a profound effect on the world from such a young age. News of his death has shaken the world at least as hard as that of Michael Jackson, twice his age and a beloved mentor. His music, message and work with campaigns like NO H8 and charities such as Invisible Children has achieved more, it culd be argued, than Michael Jackson ever had at Pete's age, despite already having been in the spotlight for over 20 years. Through his life, his message and his music. Pete Wentz made a stand that nobody else dared make. I can only hope that now, the world will forgive and forget their prejudces against Pete Wentz, the only man who was strong enough to make that stand

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okay so this was so beautifully written :) i was crying and just all choked up, jeez you made my heart hurt for him [okay though cause i loved it :P]

i really hate that people are so quick to point out the shit that they hear or the things that apparently make him a bad person or the material things that make him a target for hate :( ...and okay to be truly honest here, in my early teens i might have been one of those people that just hated him b/c, and ugh its really a shame cause it embarrases me to say that now, i guess maybe it had to do with me being young and just stupid but coming from that i realize that fuck man give the guy a break cause if you really think about it he has to be a damn strong person to deal with all of the shit people throw at him even when he is constantly doing things to help others Oo people focus on 'oh so what about those nude pictures' or 'he is a fag' or 'i hate him, he is a dick' well fuck that! people make mistakes and people have a right to not be all that happy every moment of their lives i may not know him personally and that may be a good thing considering i might take someone the fuck out for talking stupid shit about him cause he is probably doing way more good than tons of people that sit there and say this stuff and sure he gets credit where credit is due but for the most part alot of what he does is pretty damn selfless, like invisble children and NO H8, and he deserves way more credit than he probably expects to get i love that he can take all of this and just throw it back in people's faces like i don't care but you know that people have there breaking point and it probably has to hurt sometimes i know that i would never be able to take it and for that i want to defend him every chance i get and help people realize that he is a beautiful person if you just give him a chance and just this really hit me hard cause just fuck! i hope we dont see this day for a LONG time cause :'(
i love Pete Wentz, and not just because he looks good or any of that [even though he does look pretty fine haha] but because i have grown to respect the man in so many ways and he seems to be a very genuine and loving person, he respects him band and he takes shit from people daily, he works harder than most people for what he believes in and is truly someone that i feel i can look up to his lyrics are beautiful and the music that he helps to create inspires me and i wish him the best in every aspect of his life ;DDD

[well jeez now that i have ranted... sorry if it doesnt flow well or doesnt make sense haha cause yeah this started out being i nice little 'you did an amazing job and Pete Wentz is fabulous' to well this blob of rant OO lol]

but again nice work! [sorry for the fbomb so many times *face!palm* its just i get crazy with it when ranting haha]

haha. nevermind! you posted your own! i completely agree with you 100%. pete wentz is truly an amazing human being and we should all consider ourselves lucky that he chooses to involve us all in his life like he does. plus, the fact that he has a family and still manages to do all that he does is magnificent :]

I'm totally getting back to you as I speak in a PM, promise lol

Naww! You ranted with us! Lol. Thank you, I'm glad you thouht it was good - I think I've written more in the comments of this thing than the actual story by now, I just can't help but ramble/rant back when people leave comments with rambling/ranting lol ^^
You're exactly right, that is exactly what I was trying to say with this. He's one of the hardest working people around, and he does so very much for others - between charities, rights campaigning and just sticking up for his band and his bands, he's always got something to say and it is always worth listening to, but nobody ever listens anyway. I think he's incredibly strong to stand up and speak out despite all the hate he gets, and an amazingly good person to do what he does when he could just sit back and enjoy himself like a lot of other really big guys in bands do. Pete's incredible, and I hope he lives to see 100.
Thank you so much!

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