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Holidays suck... unless you have a piano!! (+ A bracketted rant on musicians with mustaches etc...)
girl!spencer brendon
Wow, so I've just spent the past two, three hours or so teaching myself Dirty Business by The Dresden Dolls, and considering I've never actually played before, that went quite well... there's never any tab for Dresden songs online though, even finding their lyrics is a challenge which sucks. I'm thinking on filming it when I've learned it through though, just for something interesting - my camera came back at last today, I got up and went out to the kitchen and it was sitting on the bench... like a trippy, over-modernistic fairytale. It's been gone nearly 3 months, nice to have it back again. Now I just need a charger for my laptop to replace the one that burst into flames on me last week. man, technology and me have some adventures. 
Been listening to A Fever You Can't Sweat Out basically on repeat, trying to work out a) how to channel Ryan Ross's incredible powers of lyricalness, and b) how he lost all his wit and bitchiness while in the cabin in the mountains. My theory is that some upcoming band nobody's heard of yet went and made some kind of sciency thing that sucked it all out of him and ambushed them, then ran away with it and now they're secretly recording the best album the world has ever seen. I hope that album comes out soon. There are some things in music that desperately, desperately need a sequel - mostly, Fever, Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, FOB's 16 Candles vid, Warped Tour '05, Fever, Fever's aesthetic, Spencer's non-mustacheness (I know, shallow, and I should definitely take it back but instead I'll quote Ryland and say way to alienate your fans, dude [Frank too but he's already taking the shit out of some poor, misguided soul who decided to tell him what she thought, has anybody noticed that Frank has officially lost the ability to be 'Frankie' with the onset of the shittybeard? I'm not worried about it affecting the sound of his music, I am worried about him becoming a bit of a bitch...]), Three Cheers and Fever. And somebody needs to make some serious fun of The Beatles' covershoot they did on that zebra crossing. I mean, that's been around for 40 years, and still no spoofs? I'm ashamed. I have the perfect one, as well... so ashamed.
When will iTunes put the alternate music vid The dresden Dolls and Panic made for Backstabber back when Panic were Panic! up for sale? I don't want to pirate something that awesome, not to mention I don't think you can, and seriously who's actually even seen the real video? 
Okay, done with ranting/journalling for now! Need to go carry on with learning Dirty Business.
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