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Let the evening in the back door- filled the room, ceiling to the floor...

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...Live In The Land Of Pretty. Odd.
girl!spencer brendon
 I would like to mention that the following is entirely Indie Kortegast (sorry, Jess's fic gave your last name away Indie)'s fault. Two months ago, I did not know a damn thing about Panic At The Disco. I did not even know their names, nor could I tell Jon and Spencer apart. (don't ask.) Now look. I've gone and bought their damn DVD. I didn't even know they had one! I could have gone my entire life without knowing they even had a DVD, or that I would like it!

It's amazing. So adorable. They must all be such great friends to be in that band together. The short film is adorable-brilliant-mad. Panic driving through Death Valley in a Kombie would have been priceless anyway [if I lost my hand, we could still write songs this way. It's good to know. Would you play guitar with me?] without insane hallucinations [They asked themselves, were they the first? No, they said to themselves. They were not the first. And they were not the last.] trippy shopping expeditions [Americana. Which kind should we get? Did you get chips? No, but I got Cheese Wiz! Let's blow this bitch town!] and extended jam sessions on rail tracks [And so it went on for an hour. Two hours. Three hours. Until it didn't even matter anymore.] and, best of all, Ryan and Jon making up songs while Spencer and Brendon try to pretend like they know how to fix a broken down Kombie. [We broke down, we broke down (We've crashed) We broke down (We've crashed it again) We broke down, we broke down (We've crashed)]

Ah! *Makes unspellable sound of extreme happiness*!! That band! I love them so much... Ryan and Brendon smiling and laughing at each other onstage is the sweetest thing I've ever seen. Bestest, bestest friends ever! ANDSPENCERHASAMICROPHONEOHMYGODSOAWESOME!! He's like "Hey, my name's Spencer and I've got a microphone now! But if you were here last night you already knew that..."

And the jazz hands! Oh, the jazz hands!! I love them. The song's just getting all real like and good, and they hit the chorus and it's like "When you're in black tights with accentuating offwhite pinstripes, everything goes according to plan JAZZ HANDS! Haven't you heard that I'm the new cancer..." Oh, boys. Excuse my fangirling, but N'AWWW I love Ryan Ross and his stupid, dorky awesome jazz hands!! And the way they're smiling at each other and laughing is so damn adorable...

So okay, I need to stop going on now, but I just thought I'd share that. Because I love this band. And I'm going to be kind and not go on for half an hour and more about the Tour Documentary, because I could, trust me I could, and I'm doing you all a service by not. For now - ANYBODY WHO HAS NOT, GO AND GET ...LIVE IN CHICAGO AND DIE OF HAPPY, HAPPY ADORABLE DORKINESS FROM


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