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girl!spencer brendon
 I felt the need to write this, because over the past months - okay, the past years - this man has caught a hell of a lot of flak in the industry and the press for a whole damn range of things, and I really think that people need to wake up. Don't bitch at me for this; it's probably going to ruffle some fur, and it's kind of stupid that I'm claiming he is but I don't care, I think that this needs to be said.

From Rolling Stone Magazine, September 2009: by reporter Leah Major.
Today has been a sad day for rock music. Perhaps, as Patrick Stump, recently bereaved vocalist of the now dissolved superband Fall Out Boy said today at the graveside of the 'bravest man in rock', this day proves once and for all that the human race has not moved forward, will never move forward, since the days of pointless warring that defined last century's days of shame.
"Pete was a best friend, a husband, a father, an idol, a visionary. Nobody else, in today's materialistic world, was brave enough to do what he did. Today we bury the bravest man in rock, and today is the end of an era that I honestly thought - we all thought - might be the end of this unending fight, this stupid fucking bickering, between the kids who think they're cool and the ones who know they're not. Pete died for the kids he loved, he died for the music he treasured, he died for no fucking reason other than that some bastard thought what he did was wrong. Today I'm saying goodbye to the best friend I ever had - my fucking brother. My brother, Peter Lweis Kingston Wentz the Third, the only genuinely good and pure person the press ever got the chance to fuck with. Today we're all satying goodbye to Pete." Stump said, biting back tears, to the assembled crowd. This was the private ceremony; I was the only journalist invited, because Patrick knew that Fall Out Boy's fanbase deserved to know how the day went; Pete belonged to them as much as they belonged to Pete.
Pete's musical proteges took the stage humbly, dressed all in black for what was, despite what the press may say about them being 'emos', perhaps the first time in many years. Brendon Urie, Gabe Saporta, William Beckett, Patrick Stump and Travis McCoy sang an acoustic version of Hum Hallelujah,  none able to keep the catch from their voices as the lid of Pete Wentz' coffin closed and his body was lowered into the ground. The crowd was silent, and certainly many attendees were still in shock; a week ago, Pete Wentz was his usual smiling, sure and happy self, on the stage, proclaiming the political message he felt responsible to deliver to the fans he loved. Most of the people here were on that final tour. Ashlee Simpson, Wentz' wife, and their son Bronx, just over a year old, stood with Stump, silent and pale throughout the entire ordeal. Many members of bands influenced by Pete and his bravery spoke, and to say it was a compelling speech was an understatement.
"How do I feel? I feel cheated. Pete was so young, so alive, so full of energy. He was smiling, he was laughing, he was missing his wife and his son all tour. And now - now he's been taken away, long before he was finished with this world. It's unfair to Pete, but it's worse than unfair to his son, who will never be able to grow up with a father now; to the band, who have lost their best friend in the world, to all of us, who have lost our mentor and friend; god knows, maybe most of all this is unfair to the kids who've supported everything he has done, who've felt able to accept themselves because of his words, who have found light in the darkest times of their lives thanks to Pete. I feel like... like I've lost the best father figure I ever had. Pete being gone is... is like... I can't, I'm sorry-" Brendon Urie's speech was cut short as the young singer of Pete's 'pet' band Panic! At The Disco was overcome by tears, to rush from the stage into the consoling arms of Ryan Ross, his band's ex-guitarist, the two having been recently reunited by their close friend and mentor's death. It should be mentioned that there has been shocked silence on the fanfiction forums since Pete was murdered - it seems there is newfound respect for the musicians on this particular scene amongst the teenage girls of the world, now that Wentz is gone.
Urie is exactly right, I feel. The world has been cheated of one of the greatest musicians we have seen in a very long time, but much more than that. The tabloids exploded the day Pete Wentz was assassinated in his LA bar, Angels & Kings, during a party after the final show of the Blink-182 tour, but what they failed to point out was what a loss he really is. Blink were present also, bassist Mark Hoppus, a close friend over the past year, too overcome to even attempt to speak. It seems hideously ironic, that Fall Out Boy's final headlining tour was named 'Believers Never Die'. I guess we can only hope that Pete believed - but we know that he did; he believed in his band, his friends, his wife and son, with a wholehearted love and kindness that was extremely difficult to find in any other member of the music scene in 2009. I hope that the paparazzi can leave him alone now, at last; I hope desperately that the world can have a chance to remember Pete as the good person that he was.
From his appearance on the cover of controversial gay rights magazine Out, to his work with charity organisation Invisible Children, whose mission statement is to free the child soldiers in war stricken Uganda, Pete Wentz has been one of the greatest forces behind human rights the world has known this century. And yet, the thanks he got? An anti-homosexuality insurgent shot him dead in his own bar, at a party with his best friends, who had to witness their best friend die. In the end, it seems, the hate prevailed.
"Patrick called me at about one in the morning, he was a mess. He couldn't even say the words, he was so choked up and horrified. I knew something terrible must have happened from the moment I picked up the phone; I could feel it." William Beckett, frontman of The Academy Is..., the band that prompted Wentz to start his side label Decaydance Records. "But Jesus Christ, when I heard him say... oh, god... heard him say that Pete'd been shot... I crumpled up. Fell to the floor, I was just so- so shocked. Pete was so alive. He was the best person... I owe everything in my life to him - if it weren't for him, I don't even know... I'd probably be working at a McDonald's right now. Pete Wentz is the reason that my life is good. And now... now he's gone." 
Gabe Saporta, lead singer of Cobra Starship, another band on Decaydance, refuses to release a statement concerning 'Pete Wentz Is The Only Reason We're Famous', a track off their new album Hot Mess, but today as the band got up to speak, he informed the crowd that it will be their next single, the video a comemoration of the rock legend's short life. "For Pete." his keytarist, Victoria Asher (a.k.a. Vicky T) said simply, before leaving the stage. "This is for Pete."
Bassist of My Chemical Romance, Mikey Way, was a surprise addition to the guest list. He got up quietly after Vicky T had left, and took the stage, surveying the crowd solemnly. "I've known Pete since both our bands were playing basements to crowds of three and four people. He's been one of my best friends since 2005, when we were both going through really difficult times because of our bi polar. He was always there for me, and I... I am so grateful to him. He didn't deserve this. He was so brave. I... I just wanted to say, thanks Pete, you... you might be the best friend I ever had. I- thank you." he said, before ducking back to his seat at the back of the assembly. 
Truly, there were not many people in the world who could have had such a profound effect on the world from such a young age. News of his death has shaken the world at least as hard as that of Michael Jackson, twice his age and a beloved mentor. His music, message and work with campaigns like NO H8 and charities such as Invisible Children has achieved more, it culd be argued, than Michael Jackson ever had at Pete's age, despite already having been in the spotlight for over 20 years. Through his life, his message and his music. Pete Wentz made a stand that nobody else dared make. I can only hope that now, the world will forgive and forget their prejudces against Pete Wentz, the only man who was strong enough to make that stand

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Exactly. Especially the fact that a lot of it just comes from him being a prominent figure - he actually keeps fairly quiet about all the amazing things he does, unless you're kind of 'on the inside' or whatever it is you'd like to call being this big a fan of FOB, you don't actually find out about Invisible Childen, the fact he owns Decaydance, the art gallery (I used him and Trav as my artist models for my art internals this year, it was awesome watching the looks on peoples' faces ^^) or his support for NO H8 and stuff like that. None of my friends know anything about that stuff, and so they just assume he's a douche because there are posters of his face in magazines and he's become more famous than his band. It's weird, but it gets to the point where I feel like FOB are one of my secret unknown bands, like The Cab or The Hush Sound or Say Anything, because in the end even though they're world famous to a massive extent barely anybody actually knows a damn thing about them, except for us. Whoa, okay so you're not the only rambler here ^^

haha. im so glad i found someone who actually gets what im talking about here. like, my friends, their fans, but they're not hardcore, they listen to the music, but thats about it, i bring up the peta2 stuff, or the NO H8 stuff, and they're like wait, wtf? especially the art gallery. that would've been the coolest thing ever to be able to attend. sadly i live in NC, so this is entirely inplausible(sp?). that and a lot of people hate on him because he's the most prominent member, but he's not the lead singer. who the hell cares? generally the lead singers are center of attention because as a general thing, they're usually the more outspoken ones and are more okay with being in the spotlight, whereas with fob, patrick is more shy about himself and self-conscious and then there's pete who is more out there about stuff and he doesn't care about what people think of him. and i agree about the "unknown band" feeling. my friends know, but thats really it. other kids in school don't really care of they take the preconceived notions that the media has drilled in their heads about it and take that as truth and they don't even know anything at all. jeez this is some heavy stuff. lol.

Lol, heavy but really, really interesting! Exactly lol me as well, my friends are exactly the same. They mostly wouldn't know anything at all about any band except that they have me... I have the NO H8 symbol pinted on my art folder and nobody got it, so I put 'gay rights!' underneath and now the most attention I get is having to scrape off the 'I's people put between NO and H8 about 10 times a day and think they're funny. Yeah, I do have a lot of friends who really hate that it's Pete and not Patrick who writes the lyrics, as well, and I can't understand it. Tell them Ryan used to write Panic!'s lyrics and they're thrilled that Ryan's such a visionary but he doesn't step up and sing - they think it's amazing. Exactly, Trick would never take the limelight because it's just not who he is - yet there are forever kids saying 'oh, Pete's such a dick, he steals all the attention from Patrick" and it drives me mad. Yeah, they taek the media's word on it every time... the worst is that there's kind of a clique at my school that are into bands in a [relatively] big way, know the names of band members sometimes and stuff like that, but they ignore stuff like FOB and Panic! and MCR on principal just because they're successful, and especially FOB. Or there's the girls with Pete's face plastered all over their schoolbooks who, if you asked them, couldn't even tell you what he plays. There's a girl in my Maths, English and Science classes with Pete on all - ALL - of her books, who thought he was the lead singer until I told her otherwise and couldn't tell Andy or Joe from David Bowie, and it always makes me fume to see his face on her books because it's kids like her who contribute to the stigma around him and make all the 'cool' music fans steer clear of FOB. They forget that, pretty face or not, there's a reason FOB are massive and it's the quality of their music. If pretty faces meant you became an automatic star in rock, then The Cab would be the biggest band on earth and amazing bands like Smashing Pumpkins and, actually, The Beatles, probably wouldn't have been signed. I wonder if there was ever a time when people were like 'wow, that's so innovative and different, the bassist is the leader isn't that cool?' Yeah, this is getting to be epic ^^

haha. man. and we keep going! lol. and the same thing with me and the FOB and PATD thing. honestly? who cares who writes the damn lyrics?! patrick doesn't right but hes an AMAZING producer. he works with patd, the cab, the academy is..., cobra starship, everyone! does anyone care, nooooooo. and i too hate those people that ignore a band just because they made it big! and their excuse is that they "sold out". who the hell is making it big selling out? thats every bands goal, if they don't get to a decent point, they can't continue doing it because they have to do this thing called, oh yeah, what is it, survive?! not gonna lie, there are some people who got to where they are because they had the image, and there's autotune, but they won't last if they can't put on a show. thats the kicker. fob is fantastic live! they sound like the record they put out, so you know it's them singing and playing, not a machine. if all you do is autotune those pretty faces in the studio, they're screwed when they tour becuase no one wants to see a shitty live band. there's no point in paying $15-$30 to see a show thats not going to be good. but the other thing with these kids are, they hate bands that made it big, but they have their favorite bands as like, The Beatles, and Rolling Stones and U2, what the hell?! they're huge! still are. bigger than fob is fer sure. i don't think they really think about things like this at all. i like to ask them questions about the bands they're "fans" of to see if they actually are or if it's just a fad for them. not like, in depth questions that only a die hard would know, but a general like, yeah i dig the tunes one. theres this girl in my math class from last year, she came in one day all of a sudden with a we the kings shirt singing check yes juliet and i was like, hey i love that band! she just looked at me, said which band? i was like, umm, the one you're singing along with? i asked her her favorite song off the record and she was like, wait, they have OTHER songs? i thought they were just some new thing. i just looked at her. i'd seen them summer before my sophomore year at a house show and fell in love. thats what im worried about this year, because i love cobra starship and all time low. they finally got something good for themselves and im so happy, but it's going to suck! im going to see cobra tommorrow and i have the strangest feeling that the majority will know Good Girls Go Bad and thats it, and will like, stalk the band and won't even know their names :[ so sad. same thing on the atl tour in october. jeeeezzzzz. that was so long. this is like, getting out of hand here. lol.

Lol! This is getting really long, yeah... Yeah, Patrick's production is amazing, it's so cool that he has made the effort to learn to do that. He's also an incredible musician who can play, like, every instrument under the sun, which is fantastic. Yeah, 'selling out' really, really bugs me. I can't actually see where a band sells out in the first place. Is it where the effort they and their fans have put in since the very start gets them on the radio? When the A&Rs recognize their talent (usually...) and sign them? God knows. I live in New Zeland, so I've never had the chance to see FOB live (they've come here, in fact they came this year, but it's a bit of a huge thing and it's all v. complicated) but from **** they're incredible. You're exactly right, of course. We have this show called Rove over here which is kinda like The Late Show, and pop stars play their singles live at the end of the show. Katy Perry, Beyonce, Lady GaGa, we get them all. But they always, always suck, and it's because they don't actually know how to sing. Admitted, Lady GaGa was fairly good, but shit - I'd hope they're all a hell of a lot better in concert, because wow. Autotune city, right there! Yeah, here it costs $100 to $150 to see an international standard band, and so you only go if they're your favorite band in the whole world ever, and I've yet to see a bad show put on by any of my favorites, but then you go to Big Day Out (think Warped Tour) and see bands like Sneaky Sound System and stars like Kate Nash, and it's so bad. Stuff like The Living End, Arctic Monkeys, Rage Against The Machine and Bullet For My Valentine though, you always know that they're giving it their all and they deserve what they have. I think the fact NZ is so far away from their homes acts as a filter, and so here we get two types of acts - amazing bands that earned their success to the very end, and acts that the record company made. You can always, always tell. Yeah, me too - you can see straight through kids who aren't real fans. There's a popular girl at my school who showed up to a mufti day in an Atreyu shirt, and she legitimately didn't know they were a band. Yeah, see it sucks because as I'm in NZ I don't get to see bands to discover them, I have to hear about them online and then hope they'll come here and it sucks. Wow, have fun at Cobra!! I agree though, I've been into them since the start but now they're on the radio suddenly all my friends want to borrow Hot Mess from me and they all think it's so cool that I have Gabe drawn on my art folder, but two months ago when I was pumped for the new album and wouldn't shut up they didn't care at all. It's really sad. Haha, this is intense...

you live in NZ?! thats so cool. except for the music thing. that sucks so bad. :[ but yeah, the selling out thing. it just, ugh! it bothers me so much! i mean, 8th grade, i was going to atl shows. they weren't even graduated yet! they were still i think, juniors or seniors? in high school? and they worked hard for what they've gotten, they're good, have talent and they went through it all. i sat in that damn van with them and they've earned where they are right now. i've toured with friends, and damn, it's hard! so the fact that these bands that have had to do so for so long it makes me so happy that they're finally getting recognition. that or if a band makes it to big fast, people assume they know someone and so therefore they don't deserve it, for instance hey monday. they've gotten so much crap about their success because they've only been a band for a year. while this is true, they were all in bands BEFORE that, so they know how it is, and they're really really good, talent does actually take you places, imagine that. plus the fact that they were presented with some amazing opportunities, like the believers never die tour. that was an awesome opportunity for them, the took it. they toured in a van up until that tour, they have a bus now, they earned it, im not going to hate them and begrudge them for getting what they've gotten. its stupid and a waste of time. then there are bands like this providence, you know. they've been a band for like, 5-6 years, they're still in a van, with i think 3 or 4 EP's/albums put out but hey, i mean, they just toured with hey monday, they got some more fans, and one day, they'll get exactly what is owed to them. but you know that the minute they actually get somewhere, half the fanbase will "hate" them because they "sold out". stupidest reasoning ever. if you're a fan you'd be happy that they've made it. thats my favorite part about finding bands, you find them as a baby band and then watch them grow up :] and as for the tv thing, honestly i think it depends, i saw katy perry live at warped '08 and she was amazing live, like, really good, high energy, her voice sounded great, it was a great time, and it wasn't lipsyncd, you can tell these things, but then like, i watched her performance on FNMtv and at the '08 VMA's, and it was horrible. the same with All American Rejects, saw them live, and it was incredible, they sounded fantastic, however, seeing them on TV at some awards show i was screaming, TYSON! STOP SINGING OR YOU WON'T HAVE A CAREER!. and i mean, cobras show is great too but on conan last week they left a little to be desired, it was not up to par sounding. i think it's just because it's on TV the sound has to be fed through so much and just yeah. haha. damn. another long one. this is getting out of hand. maybe we should just start PMing eachother on this eh?

i agree wholeheartedly with all of this ranting :D

Lol, awesome! Can't believe you read it all, it's so long!

i loved reading this ranting :D i totally agree with you both :)

haha. well thank you. feel free to join in at anytime here. it just keeps getting longer and longer the more we talk about it. lol. i can't believe you read it, you didn't read all of it did you?

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